Finifugal: (adj.) hating endings; of someone who tries to avoid or prolong the final moments of a story, relationship, or some other journey. How do you encapsulate nearly four years of a vital and life-founding friendship into words? Four years of proximity, of wide travels and unforeseen mishaps and all of the laughter and the inside jokes […]

Stay Gold: A Year In Review

It amuses me how we try to mark so fluid a thing as time, as if naming and measuring and dividing could corral or control the inevitability of it. But we’re all standing here none the less, counting down the hours and minutes, drinks in hand, to welcome what feels like a fresh start, a […]


I am tired. I don’t mean the haven’t-slept-enough, over-active, too-little-coffee kind of tired. I mean the bone-weary, worn-soul and beaten-heart kind. The kind that keeps you nailed to the ground and muffled as if wrapped in layers of cotton. Anything that comes in contact with you makes little impact if any, just pinging off and […]


It’s been about a year since I did a true update on life, and I won’t lie– I’ve largely been putting it off. This isn’t so much because I’m trying to hide as much as it is my inability to line up the grand smear and mess of things that linger in overall impressions rather […]

Soli Deo Gloria

They were playing old emo-punk songs in a coffee shop yesterday- the haunt that’s quickly becoming my weekly Tuesday job-hunt base- and it took me back about ten or so years to when these songs were the shiny new anthems of the misunderstood misfit many. I can still remember the black-lined eyes and long dyed […]


I am here. (I inhale at these words- a small catch in my throat- then exhale, a slow, steady stream). I am here. How long as it taken? How many days, months, years of wandering and wondering? How many moments spent searching, seeking, only to discover my arrival on a nondescript morning, fresh pieces of […]


The event of spring always feels more like an advent to me; that out of the depths of so much darkness and death can spring the loveliest, liveliest of things. It’s no accident that we celebrate the resurrection of Christ in the same breath as the returning flowers and green fields. There’s symbolism in everything. […]